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Sunday, October 09, 2016

Durga Puja Darshan 08 Oct 2016 Part 1

Durga Puja Darshan 08 Oct 2016 Part 1

is part of my on going series of Vlogs on my daily visit to different DURGA PUJA's all over Durgapur. I try to show what I see myself, going around the PUJA Pandals, in an attempt to provide the viewers a peek into the DURGA PUJA festivities. What the atmosphere is, what the various DURGA PUJA Pandals look like, how all these Panadals & the road/street leading to them are decorated with colorful dazzling lights. How people enjoy & celebrate DURGA PUJA.

The Durga Puja Darshan 08 Oct 2016 Part 1 video only covers the LIVE Show being performed by artists at Brahma Kumaris Center in Durgapur. They call it "JEEVANT DURGA" meaning "Living DURGA". They have these artist performing instead of the usual clay idols. The concept is very refreshing & I make sure I visit them every year, in fact I visit them more than once.

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