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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Vocational Training Details

Vocational Training 2015-16

Dear students, welcome to a fresh session, 2015-16, of Vocational Training at Chandra Engineers, Durgapur.

About Chandra Engineers:
Chandra Engineers, located right on N. H. 2, Bhiringi, Durgapur, W.B. INDIA, was established in 1958, by founder father, Lt. Sri Mahesh Chandra Gupta, a Post-Graduate in Mech. Engineering from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University. Currently run by Sri. Sunil Gupta, M.D. & CEO who himself is a Post-Graduate in Mech. Engineering (Machine Design) from IT BHU & Sri. Abhinav Gupta, COO, an Engineering Graduate in Information & Communication Sciences from Macquarie University, Sydney.
The organization has facilities for Machining, Fabrication, Light Forging, Design and Training. The primary activities include manufacturing of custom made spares & components for heavy industry, mainly Steel, Fertilizer & Plastic. Execution of Turn-Key Projects, which involve design, manufacturing, supply, installation, erection & commissioning. Providing industry based Apprentice & Vocational Training to Graduate as well as Student Trainees, helping them perform well in job interviews & adapt quickly & easily to the industry, which employs them.

List of Facilities:
Ø Machining Facility:

o   Turning & Boring Section:
§  Engine Lathes
§  Semi-Norton Lathes
§  Norton Lathes
§  Horizontal Boring Machine, Table Type

o   Shaping & Plaining Section:
§  26” Stroke Shaping Machine
§  8’ Bed Plaining Machine
§  6’ Bed Plaining Machine

o   Drilling & Milling Section:
§  Pillar Type Drilling Machines
§  Radial Drilling Machines
§  Magnetic Base Drilling Machines with Taping capabilities
§  Precision Drilling Machine, table type, for very small drill holes
§  Power Tapping arrangement for all drilling machines
§  Universal Horizontal Milling Machine
§  Vertical Milling Machine

Ø Fabrication, Metal Forming & Smithy Facility:

o   Welding & Gas Cutting:
§  A.C. Output Welding Transformers
§  D.C. Output Welding Rectifiers
§  MIG MAG Welding Machine
§  Gas Welding & Brazing
§  Oxy-Acetylene Gas Cutting

o   Smithy & Metal Forming:
§  Bending Rolls
§  Bending Knifes
§  Screw Jacks
§  Ball Press
§  Punching Press
§  Pit Furnace, adequate for light forging.

o   Marking, Fitting & Fabrication:
§  Punching Press
§  Base Plates
§  Various Tri-Squares, Dividers, Jigs & Fixtures
§  Various Angle Grinders of different sizes
§  Various Straight Grinders of different sizes
§  Various Flexible Shaft Grinders of different sizes
§  Various hand tools

Ø Design, Testing & Heat Treatment &Finishing Facility:

o   Dell Optiplex Workstations – 2 Nos
o   Non-Branded Workstation – 01 No
o   Dell & Sony Mobile Workstations – 01 No each
o   Solid Works CAD software
o   Solid Edge CAD software
o   Autocad CAD software
o   Hydraulic Pressure Testing equipment
o   In-Situ Stress Relieving facility
o   Flame Hardening facility
o   Phosphating facility

Ø Measuring Instruments:

o   Various Micrometers, metric as well as imperial
o   Various Vernier Calipers
o   Various Inside Diameter Micrometers
o   Various Dial Indicators
o   Level checking instruments
o   Angle Protractors
o   Various OD & ID Calipers
o   Various Steel Rules
o   Various Measuring Tapes

What is the Vocational Training all about?

The vocational training at Chandra Engineers is structured, very well thought out and conducted in an organized manner. The emphasis is on skill development, related to workshop technology, efficient management of paper work & documentation in real life industrial environment and overall personality development. These skills help trainees perform well in job interview, which have a proven track record, as well as learn & adapt quickly to the industry, they work in. We cover the following points:

Ø Development of practical skills with the help of hands on training, which includes Machining & Fabrication.
Ø Theoretical discussions & presentations on various topics, viz: Steel Making, AC & DC Drives, Heat Treatment, Strength of Materials.
Ø Writing Daily Activity Log, which helps trainees prepare Vocational Training Report & develops writing skills
Ø Regular use of internet, email, social networks & blogs, keeping in mind digitization of paper work & tendering process in industry. The trainees get a good real life feel of the way industry works in this day and age.
Ø Trainees are involved in Group discussions related to the training, which helps in overall personality development & overcome inhibitions in facing interviews.

Hands-On Training:

Ø Turning & Boring Section
o   Parts of the Lathe & Boring Machine
o   Mounting the workpiece, on 4 Jaw independent Dog Chuck on a Lathe & Table on Boring Machine
o   Centering the workpiece with the help of Marking Block/Surface Gauge
o   Performing various operations on the Lathe & Boring Machine
o   Achieving the desired dimensions as per drawing
o   Gear calculations pertaining to Threading

Ø Shaping & Plaining Section
o   Parts of the Shaping & Plaining Machine
o   Mounting the workpiece on the machine
o   Performing various operations on the shaping & plaining machines
o   Achieving desired dimensions as per drawing
o   Detailed explanation of the quick return mechanism for the idle stroke in shaping & plaining machines

Ø Milling & Drilling Section
o   Parts of the Milling & Drilling Machines
o   Proper marking of the workpiece before Milling & Drilling
o   Mounting the workpiece on the Milling & Drilling Machines
o   Detailed explanation of how an Indexing Head works & calculations pertaining to it
o   Performing various operations on the Milling & Drilling Machines
o   Tapping as well as using power tapping attachment on Drilling Machines
o   Achieving desired dimensions as per drawing.

Ø Welding & Gas Cutting
o   Introduction to Welding Transformers, Rectifiers & MIG MAG Welding Machines
o   Various weld joints & positions
o   Setting current for different weld joints & positions
o   Gas welding & Brazing
o   Oxy-Acetylene Gas Cutting

Ø Marking & Fitting
o   Reading fabrication drawings
o   Drawing Lay-Outs as per drawings
o   Fitting on the drawn lay-outs
o   Development of tubular & conical structures & intersections

Ø Smithy & Metal-Forming
o   Forging
o   Hot & Cold bending & metal forming
o   Use of Ball Press, Knife Bending Machine, Bending Rolls, Screw Jacks & Punching Press

Ø Measurements & Measuring Instruments
o   Introduction to Imperial System of Measurements
o   Reading measurements on Steel Ruler, Vernier Calipers & Micrometers

o   Practically using various measuring instruments during the course of training while performing machining as well as fabrication operations.

Contact abhinavsg@gmail.com for joining Vocational Training & Apprentice Training Courses at Chandra Engineers, Durgapur, W.B. INDIA.

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