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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Tolexo.com are cheats

After burning my fingers, buying on Tolexo.com, I thought it'd be a good idea to use this personal blog, warn future prospective buyers.

Purchase made on Tolexo.com for 12" Steel Rule, listed here (screenshot attached, in case the item get's unlisted in future) on 22 Nov 2015. Order # TOD102558744 (screenshot attached, in 2 parts, since my laptop screen couldn't accommodate the whole order page at once)

The Order was shipped on 26 Nov 2015 (screenshot of the shipment details email attached)

Got the delivery on 30 Nov 2015 (screenshot of the courier tracking page attached)

On 01 Dec 2015, I reported Tolexo that the product sent to me was Duplicate as well as Defective (attaching images of the product), while I was chatting to their chat customer support team. I was informed that I should send the images of the defective products along with a copy of Invoice & things will be taken care of, with in 24 Hours.(this is tolexo's take on "Easy Returns, No Questions Asked" claim on their product pages)

Immediately after the chat, I wrote an email to support@tolexo.com, claiming return, along with the images, I have attached above & invoice copy (screenshot of the email attached)

A response from Tolexo was received on 01 Dec 2015, bearing the Ticket No.326733, against my return claim, by email (screenshot of the email attached), pay attention to their assurance of a revert back within 24 hours.

On 03 Dec 2013, 48 hours later, I contacted their online chat support team. I was informed that they didn't receive any correspondence from my end. Their blatant lie was highlighted by production of the Ticket No generated on 01 Dec 2015, from my end. To this they took an excuse citing technical issues & reassured a revert within the following 48 hours. There was no record of the chat & so I decided to write an email which could be used as a proof in the future. The screenshot of the email sent on 03 Dec 2015 is attached below.

I have written to them on 06 Dec 2015, about knocking on the doors of consumer court, if I do not get a full refund against the defective supplies, within the next 48 hours.

I don't see any point shopping on this horrible e-store. They are all about misleading the customers. This is not how "Easy Returns, No questions asked" works. Even if they refund the money, before I take any legal action, they have given me enough trouble & wasted quite a lot of time. I would never have made the purchase, had I not got the assurance of trouble free experience, in case of defective supplies, advertised on their website.

This experience has made sure that I never return to make future purchases on tolexo.com

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